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Welcome to Rio Rancho Signs!

We are working with the City of Rio Rancho to introduce homebuilders and developers to the new Kiosk Sign Program.

The City of Vision is growing quickly. In fact, Rio Rancho has experienced a 53.9% increase in population since 2000. As a homebuilder or developer, you know first hand that population growth is good for business. All those new residents have to live somewhere, and our kiosk sign program is a great way to attract them to your development.

Why Use Rio Rancho Signs

  1. Your development or homebuilder name will be displayed on an attractive directional kiosk sign by the street side right-of-way.
  2. Your development will be easy to find.
  3. Increased traffic to your development will lead to higher home sale ratios.
  4. You will be free from the worries of city signage code. Our kiosks are approved by the city and meet all codes.
  5. Kiosk maintenance and graffiti removal are part of program membership.
  6. Eligibility for secondary signage benefits is included with program membership.

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